General Corporate services:
- preliminary inquiry of contract
- determination of the investment volume
- landlord agreements and area acquisitions
- obtaining applications and concessions from appropriate authority
- compilation of tenders for construction services
- compilation of time sheets from contract closing until the opening of the shop
- service delivery and coordination of all works
- taking over and turn-key delivery
- accounting control
- handling of complaint

Construction for rollouts:
- efficient space-saving development
- assembly instructions for self assembly if desired
- packaging development and optimization

Construction management:
- coordination of all trades
- coordination of all customer services
- coordination of merchandising
- coordination and supervision of increased or decreased services
- approval
- supervision of repair of deficiencies
- site measuring and control of measurement
- accounting control

Project documentation:
- registration of all relevant data
- control of data regarding changes and evolutions
- documentation of changing index
- determination of essentials for controlling, for example costs of energy, guarantees, interval of maintenance and maintenance services